Hi There!

My name is Soheila and I am a lifestyle blogger, travel writer, photographer and all round busy body from Toronto, Canada!

In university I wanted to be a designer and studies fashion both here in Toronto and in Milan, Italy. When I finished school I snagged a job interning at Greta Constantine (a high end Canadian fashion house) before starting my own line. After two grueling seasons working completely solo on my own line I completly burnt out. Unsure of what to do with myself but knowing fashion would always have a place in my heart, I decided to try my hand as a fashion buyer. Although still a very stressful job, receiving a steady paycheck and feeling financial more stable was comforting. Unfortunately, the charm of a steady paycheck wore off pretty quickly and after only one year I started to feel unsettled once again. I knew I loved fashion and would always keeping up with the latest trends, but I was also an avid traveler and beauty enthusiast (not to mention loved taking photos and posting on social media) so I was looking for a way to make money, express my creative side and incorporate all my favorite things into it while doing so.

Enter the my next phase of my life, blogging. At this point I was heavily active on social media, taking pictures of my food at restaurants, reading peoples blogs and addicted to YouTube. One day while I was watching a beauty tutorial it dawned on me - I could do this!

Fast forward to today, I am creating and writing and doing all the things that I love! It wasn’t easy and there definitely were a lot of lessons along the way but i’m following my dream! Through this simple website I get to exhibit my photos, talk about fashion and style, share beauty tips, feature my latest recipes and my personal favorite, write about my latest travel adventures! I am hoping through IsThatSoh.com to eventually attract a community of like minded people who share an interest in these topics as well and inspire them through my content. If that sounds like you or you’re just keen on learning more about me, you can follow me on social where I post daily!

I look forward to getting to know each other!


Photos on blog are taken by Soheila Hakimi.  If posting, please credit Soheila Hakimi of IsThatSoh.com and for social media reposts using @IsThatSoh